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A powerful, yet easy-to-use screen recorder, Camtasia helps you create professional videos without having to be a video pro. Easily record your screen movements and actions, or import HD video from a camera or other source. Customize and edit content on both Mac and Windows platforms, and share your videos with viewers on nearly any device.

Illustrate Your Point with Video
Show your ideas, spread the word, or share knowledge with a video. From quick video demos to extensive video projects, Camtasia has all the editing tools to create the great video content you need to get the job done. Quickly record your webcam or screen, engage your viewers with a variety of effects, and easily share your videos to anyone, anywhere.

Record Anything
Record high-quality videos in no time with Camtasia's advanced screen recorder. And use TechSmith Fuse, our free mobile app, to record real-world content while you're away from your computer.

Screen Recording
Capture smooth, high-quality videos with Camtasia's world-class screen recorder. Record a window, region, or your entire screen with just a click.

Mobile Video
TechSmith Fuse, our free mobile app, makes it easy for you to get photos and videos from your mobile device straight to Camtasia for editing.

Video Customization
Personalize your videos by recording webcam video or importing existing videos. Add photos, music, and more to create unique videos that stand out.

Edit Video Faster
Create more professional videos without having to be a video pro. Superimpose yourself into your videos, use the media asset library to look like a design genius, and keep your audience's attention with a variety of effects.

Multi-track Timeline
Construct engaging videos faster with multiple video and audio tracks. The ability to easily manipulate, overlay, and group objects helps you produce creative, professional-looking videos.

Visual Effects
Call attention to important details with TechSmith's SmartFocus (or cover up sensitive information with the video blur tool), use Clip Speed to make your videos the perfect length, or use our screen drawing tools to telestrate your videos.

Green Screen Effect
Use the green screen feature (also known as Remove a Color) to put yourself in your video making it appear like you're right in the action.

Animate Content
Captivate viewers with animated content that helps guide them through your videos. Easily make callouts fly across your screen, an image bounce up and down, text scroll, and more.

Share Anywhere
Easily share your videos and interact with your audience. Camtasia's expansive sharing capabilities allow your viewers to watch your videos anywhere, on nearly any device.

Interact with Viewers
Share your videos with anyone, anywhere. No matter what device your viewers are using, they'll be able to view your videos, click on hotspots you've created, and use closed captioning.

Quick and Easy Sharing
Send the videos you produce straight to our free hosting site,, YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, or a variety of other outputs Camtasia offer to make sharing easy.

Quizzing with TechSmith Relay
For enterprise-wide assessment, easily send your videos to TechSmith Relay. Add quizzing to your videos, see who is watching your videos, and know which parts they've viewed.

System Requirements

Camtasia Studio:

Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8
Microsoft DirectX 9 or later version
Microsoft .NET 4.0 (included)
Dual-core processor minimum ~ Recommended: Quad-core processor or better
2 GB RAM minimum ~ Recommended: 4 GB or more
2 GB of hard-disk space for program installation
Display dimensions of 1024x768 or greater
Dedicated Windows-compatible sound card, microphone, and speakers (recommended)

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